It is just a short trip by train.
It is a town that admires a missionary and a revolutionary.
It is a town that Jack-the-DADA was born in.
The missionary made hundreds of apprentices.
The revolutionary tried to change the country.
fuck!! And Jack-the-DADA offered many words to
fuck !! and fuck!! GOD ... again and again..
01 02 03
04 05 06 The missionary's men made a castle.
The revolutionary made it some ash.
fuck!! And Jack-the-DADA made the sky his favorite..
Well...Where are you now, Mr. Absolute?
01 The missionary's arm did not decay
fuck!! for hundreds of years
fuck!! and fuck!! after his death
02 The revolutionary said in the end,
fuck!! "Let's be happier with an ass hole!"
And Jack-the-DADA always wore a hat and a black cloak.
The missionary became a saint.
The revolutionary became a hero.
fuck!! And Jack-the-DADA became a bone..
fuck!! and fuck!! Can you see this? Here is my bone.
07 08 09
10 11 12 The missionary's men went to heaven
fuck!! and fuck!! without stamping on GOD.
The revolutionary's men made Utopia with winning a war.
fuck!! And Jack-the-DADA was floating with the time..
On our history books we have its name, the town that admires a missionary, and a revolutionary.
And the town that a poet was born in.

It is one hot day AC 2002